10 Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

February 04, 2020 1 Comment

10 Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Hey there!

I just came back from a fabulous 7-day trip to Cabo San Lucas and had a good dose of sunshine, plenty of rest and relaxation and time with my family. This vacation pretty much checked all the boxes for me.

My husband and I love to save our money and vacation time so we can spend a week in the sun every year. Let me tell you, this vacation was just what the doctor ordered!

Our daughter and son-in-law joined us there after finishing six months of travel around the world. We were delighted that they decided to end their travels with a week with us in the sun.

They’re young and since their business in online, they get to take their business with them wherever they go.

I like to travel, but to me, there is no place like home. I can’t imagine being away for that long and if I have to be honest, I’ll tell you that one of the issues that makes me think twice about travel is the food. I like to feel good and to have a good digestive system and I’ve worked hard to keep my body healthy. The idea of eating food out on the street or from a place I’m not familiar with, makes me think twice about where to go on vacation. This got me thinking about you and about the questions I get about eating out and staying on a fairly clean eating plan when traveling and eating out.

Here are some guidelines that have worked for me and some points to consider when you’re on a special diet or have a sensitive digestive system and are planning to travel:

  1. Remember to plan ahead of time. Consider these guidelines before your trip.
  2. Choose a place that has a fairly well-equipped kitchen. Ask questions ahead of time: Do they have a stove and oven? Do they supply cooking equipment? If I know I’ll be cooking while on the road I usually pack a paring knife and a chef’s knife with me, as well as a cutting board (I don’t like to think about chopping raw veggies on a cutting board where the last person there cut some raw chicken, but that’s just me).
  3. Look for local restaurants that cater to your taste and nutritional requirements, for example, if you’re celiac, don’t choose an Italian restaurant. Cross-contamination is a risk you don’t want to take anytime, especially when you’re on vacation.
  4. Scout out a good organic grocery store or see if there is a place where you can find good fresh produce and well-sourced meats and poultry.
  5. Pack some snacks for the trip. I pack a bag with snacks that could convert to meals in case of getting stranded at an airport with poor food choices. For my favorite travel snacks click here
  6. When choosing a restaurant, look at the menu online and choose fresh fish or grilled chicken or beef, order extra veggies and a large salad. Use vinegar and olive oil for your dressing.
  7. Avoid sauces and heavy gravies, as they’re usually made from processed ingredients that most likely contain additives and preservatives you don’t need.
  8. Consider foods that can be mixed and matched with side dishes or appetizers on the menu.
  9. Remember to bring storage containers with you to your hotel or condo so you can prep some foods ahead of time and save leftovers for later.
  10. Don’t stress over being perfect during your vacation. It’s ok to loosen up a bit for a short time, as long as you feel good and symptoms are not keeping you from enjoying your vacation.

When you follow a clean diet and are used to eating fresh food, it can seem overwhelming to think about relinquishing control of your food intake to restaurants, but with a little planning and some insight, you can stay pretty close to your eating guidelines.

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Yours in wellness,

- Monica

Monica Paz, MS, CN, FNLP

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andrea blum
andrea blum

May 12, 2020

loved the food travel tips. I never thought about bringing my own cooking supplies that I use all the time. You really keep to simple.

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