5 Ways the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help You

November 21, 2021

5 Ways the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help You

My friend Patty told me that her doctor had diagnosed her with IBS and told her to go home, eat more fiber and drink water. He told her there was nothing else he could do for her. That was 30 years ago. She has suffered for 30 years with digestive issues, inflammation, pain, mood issues and weight loss resistance. 

When I shared with her all the benefits of the anti-inflammatory diet, she jumped on board and was able to clear all her symptoms within three months. So when clients ask me if the anti-inflammatory diet can help them, I say YES!

I’d like to answer the question I most frequently hear from clients: “Do you think the anti-inflammatory diet is for me?” 

Here are 5 ways the anti-inflammatory diet can help anyone with symptoms like IBS, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, joint pain, anxiety, depression or any other symptoms of inflammation. 

The reason the diet helps is because the symptoms are a cry from our bodies letting us know something is out of balance. Since we don’t know how to listen to our bodies, the only way to get our attention is through pain and discomfort. 

If we start understanding how the body communicates then we can begin to clear up some of the inflammation. The first step is to remove inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. I know, I know, nobody really wants to do this, but stick with me. Here are the 5 ways the anti-inflammatory can help you feel better:

  1. Pain relief. When inflammation goes down, pain subsides.
  2. Improved digestion: When you remove offending foods gas and bloating decrease. Diarrhea, constipation and gas dissipate.
  3. Balanced microbiome: The gut bacteria are at the center of your immune reactions. When the balance in your gut between the good and the bad bacteria is off, your immune system is alarmed. When the immune system is alarmed you will get symptoms like rashes, abdominal issues, acne, weight loss resistance and sleep issues, among many others.
  4. Improved mood: The gut and the brain are connected and whatever is going on in the gut will affect the brain and vice versa. Balance the gut and the brain will follow. 
  5. Balanced blood sugar and improved sleep: When blood sugar is out of balance we cannot sleep soundly. 

I go into detail about these points in my YouTube video this week and I’d like to share it with you here.

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- Monica

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