The benefits of soaking nuts and seeds

November 13, 2020

The benefits of soaking nuts and seeds

When I found out that nuts and seeds needed to be “sprouted” I had to try it. The process of sprouting them provides them with a roasted flavor that makes them taste buttery, crunchy and delicious. In addition to that, they’re better digested and their nutrients are maximized for better absorption and utilization by our bodies. 

Nuts and seeds have natural enzymes and chemicals, such as phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that help protect them against possible predators and also serve to keep the seed safe until it’s ready to germinate under the right conditions. 

Phytic acid in large quantities may bind with other nutrients in the body, keeping them from being absorbed properly. This is one of the reasons it’s important to soak and sprout nuts and seeds before ingesting them. 

When seeds and nuts sprout they release amino acids, making them more nutritious and bioavailable. Depending on the nut, you may not see the sprouts (i.e. pecans, walnuts), but the process is happening internally. It’s easier to see the sprouting process when you use seeds like pumpkin or sunflower. 

Adding salt to the soaking water may also help activate the enzymes that deactivate the  enzyme inhibitors in the nuts and seeds. If using a good quality Himalayan or Celtic salt, it will add good flavor and contribute important minerals to your diet. 

Keep in mind that different nuts require different soaking times. The harder nuts like almonds will require longer soaking time (12 hrs) vs the smaller seeds like sunflower or pumpkin (4 hrs.) with pecans and walnuts (6-8 hrs.)


1 lb. raw organic pecans

1 quart purified water

1 Tbsp. celtic or Himalayan salt (optional)


  1. Oven at 150 - 200 degrees F or use a dehydrator (follow manufacturer instructions)
  2. Place nuts in a bowl with water
  3. Soak for 4 - 8 hrs. (longer for harder nuts)
  4. Drain water and rinse nuts thoroughly using a colander. Drain well
  5. Place on a flat stainless steel baking sheet
  6. Roast for a total of 120 minutes, stirring after 60 minutes.
  7. Check to make sure they’re completely dry before storing in a glass container to avoid mold

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