I founded Nourished Functional Nutrition counseling to offer holistic nutrition and lifestyle support for people who are seeking guidance and resolution to their health problems.

It's my intent to work in partnership with you, and your medical team when appropriate, to help you heal and get the answers you’ve been seeking.


You’ve been looking long and hard for someone to listen to you and help you make sense of all the different options, protocols and recommendations. It’s all so confusing and you’re tired of solutions that have not helped you. This is why you’re here: You’re looking for a solution that asks “why?” and not a label that keeps you stuck in “what” and a long list of pills and their side effects.

My job is to listen to you and assess your condition, present a plan to you with my recommendations and help you come up with ways to implement the plan. My job is to support you and provide you with tools you can use to find the solution to your symptoms; to show you how your body can heal, once you provide it with the right environment; the proper soil that will help you thrive and not just survive.

I am your support between medical visits, someone who can help you make sense of what you’re experiencing. I will help you discover the best healing practices available to you, according to your needs; always keeping in mind your bio-individuality.

Your job is to commit to an abundant life by taking action to take your life back and to own your choices. I will be here for you.


Hello, I’m Monica. I love blueberries, yoga, the Seattle Seahawks and sunshine; but my true passion is helping people lead a health-filled life, and I will go out of my way for anyone who is suffering.

I spend my free time geeking-out on the latest nutrition research. I have an appetite for nutrition education and cannot help myself when a new course crosses my inbox. I’m always looking for new recipes to try and I love to relax with family and friends around a healthy meal.

I'm on a mission to empower people to reclaim their health, no matter how complicated their challenges may be and no matter where they are on their healing journey. That is my drive.

My own road to transformation came wrapped in a “gift” called anxiety that ruled my life from childhood into my professional years. It was a quiet and continuous battle that shaped my life in ways I could not have anticipated. I developed pain, inflammation, gut issues, insomnia, elevated blood sugar, hair loss, adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Although I had studied Dietetics in college and had a Master of Science degree in human nutrition, this condition seemed unrelated to anything I had learned in school.  

The conventional ways of managing anxiety were not working for me, so I decided to take every course I could find to tackle this beast with all my focus and from every perspective. In the meantime, my son was suffering with a health crisis of his own in New York City. He moved home and he and I were now in battle for our own health together and individually.

That's me as a kid in my hometown of Cali, Colombia.

I believe that anxiety was definitely a gift in my life that has served me to discover how the body is able to take what we provide and utilize it to heal and thrive. Through my health struggles and those of my son, I have learned that there are so many tools available to help those who are suffering with unexplained symptoms and the solutions don’t always have to involve taking pharmaceuticals.

I believe the body has been designed to heal and thrive, not just survive. Once we provide an ideal environment for the body to function properly, healing and well-being begin. My goal is to put a lifetime of education to work for the good of others who are struggling.

Are you suffering? Are you in pain? Are you tired of taking pills that leave you dealing with undesirable side effects?

I understand your pain, and I know how you feel.

I’ve been there and it was not easy. I know how you feel because I’ve been to a myriad of practitioners to no avail. I’ve experienced hope and disappointment…I’ve learned that healing comes in many forms and it’s constantly shifting.


The body shifts as it heals and it reveals different ways to help you support it and return to the balance you’re seeking. I can help you regain your health!

You may contact me at monica@nourishedfn.com to schedule a free consultation or click the link here below