Dispensary & Lab Services

Welcome to the Nourished Dispensary where we provide only the highest quality professional-grade nutritional supplements at a discount to our Nourished clients. We offer two fulfillment partners for your convenience and broadest possible selection.

This is where you will access supplements recommended specifically for you by your nutritionist. Once you have established an account with us, you can return at your leisure to self-serve your refills or consider additional products to discuss with your healthcare team.

We suggest you always review products of interest with a medical professional before adjusting your nutritional routines.

Lab Services

Measurement is a key ingredient in a successful self-care practice and in receiving appropriate professional guidance from your care team. Prior consultation is required before ordering labs. You can schedule a consultation here.

Whether you're interested in a Thyroid Panel, Hemoglobin A1c or a Comprehensive Wellness Profile, you can order these and other lab tests right here for your comfort and convenience. It's as easy as 1-2-3. How it works...

Ready to Order?

If you have consulted with your healthcare professional and have your test recommendations in hand, you can schedule your labs right here (you will be linked to our lab partner for scheduling and payment processing).