Day 1

Start with WHY

Welcome to the “10 Day Ditch the Sugar Challenge”! I’m so glad you joined me!

I’m so eager to guide you through this 10-day journey to get rid of sugar.

As you probably know, sugar is addictive. Sugar is at the root of inflammation and it fuels all chronic disease, from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, to auto-immunity and cancer. We’re going to do our best to kick sugar to the curb to help you reveal a calmer, more balanced body and mind. So let’s get started!

During this challenge you can expect an email from me with a short message and a small challenge. This is designed to get you into action and to motivate you to start making a change. Some challenges are more difficult than others, so be encouraged! You can do this! All the challenges are designed to teach you and help you achieve your goals.

Today is the first day and we need to begin with “WHY”? This is what will motivate you to remain committed and engaged, so here’s your challenge for the first day:

  • Write down the reasons why you want to ditch sugar from your life. This will become your anchor and your guide. It all starts with WHY. Make sure you dig deep and find your strong WHY
  • Why do you want to do this? What is your motivation for doing this?
  • What is prompting you to make a shift right now?
  • Write it down and post it in a visible place and remember to look at it every day!

Entry details are as follows:

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    • Share your daily experience on your IG stories
    • Use hashtag #ditchthesugarchallenge
    • tag me @monica.paz.nourished
    • Tag at least one friend every day for a bonus entry into the giveaway⠀⠀
    • HAVE FUN!