Day 2

Make it fun! Enroll a friend or buddy to do it with you

Day 2 is where the fun begins! So you have your WHY and now you’re ready to begin. Your challenge for today is to enroll a friend or buddy to help you on this road. Doing a challenge is so much more fun when we do it with someone. Invite your spouse, neighbor or friend to come along for the ride! At the very least get someone to help keep you accountable and ask you how you’re doing. Be sure to have them sign up so I can send them the challenge for the day.

  • Seek accountability
  • Share on social
  • Allow people to cheer you on and be proud of what you want to accomplish
  • Motivate others! Have fun!

Entry details are as follows:

    • Follow me on Instagram⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    • Share your daily experience on your IG stories
    • Use tag #ditchthesugarchallenge
    • tag me @monica.paz.nourished
    • Tag at least one friend every day for a bonus entry into the giveaway⠀⠀