Day 3

Plan to win by preparing your environment

You now have your WHY and your BUDDY. On day #3 We will be looking around and finding all the sugar stashed in different places in our environments.

Planning is everything and if we “fail to plan, we plan to fail”. The minute your blood sugar drops or you have an argument with someone at home or at work, you will be looking for a sugar “hit”.

Let’s plan to have healthy snacks in the house instead. In order to have room for healthy foods and snacks we need to make room. Also, this will be so inspiring to others in your home and at work. They’ll know you mean business! Be sure to get cookies, cakes, donuts, sugar-covered snacks, cereals, refined carbs, candies and sodas out of the house today!

Here’s your challenge for today:

  • Go through the pantry, fridge, desk drawers, purses and get rid of any sugar or sugar containing food you find before you start. Get rid of it!
  • Commit to eating real food only! The closest to nature the food is, the better.
  • If it comes from a package it’s not real food, unless it has a single ingredient or two, like “nuts, salt” or “beans”
  • Be sure your carbs come from plant foods, like sweet potatoes or squashes. Quinoa and legumes are good sources of carbs for you.

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