Day 4

Start with breakfast: A blood sugar balancing breakfast

On day #3 We eliminated sugar from your environment and now we’re going to begin our day with a blood sugar balancing breakfast. Once you balance your blood sugar and keep it balanced, your day is transformed. You will wave good-bye to the mid-morning blood sugar crashes and you will feel like a different person all day.

Here are examples of blood sugar-balancing breakfasts:

  • fruit, nut butter or nuts and seeds (i.e. grainless cereal (RECIPE HERE) or apples and nut butter)
  • smoothie (Greens, water or nut milk, protein, nut butter). (RECIPE HERE)
  • veggie and egg scramble with cut up fruit and unsweetened coconut yogurt and hemp seeds on top (RECIPE HERE)
  • Pancake - chickpea flour, onions, veggies, salt, cilantro or other herbs (RECIPE HERE)
  • Pancake - banana, 2 eggs, ¼ cup almond flour. Cook on skillet with coconut oil (RECIPE HERE)


- Breakfast Ideas for Balancing Blood Sugar / Part.1 / Chickpeas pancakes recipe + Grain Free Porridge

- Breakfast Ideas for Balancing Blood Sugar / Part.2 / Egg Scramble + Stir-Fry or Skillet

- Blood sugar Grounding Breakfast // Live cooking with my membership group

Here’s your challenge for today:

You don’t have to try all these things. Just pick one new breakfast to try and pay attention to how you feel. Simple and doable!

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