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For a long time, I didn’t feel great; my body was in pain; I had chronic stress and anxiety, which caused my pain. My blood sugar was out of balance and I couldn’t concentrate. I felt fatigue, my weight was unstable and I couldn’t sleep. My mood was irritable and I knew I needed help.

I’m so happy to be able to share what I’ve learned by treating hundreds of patients and from first hand experience.

So many people are living tired and in pain and don't know where to turn for answers. I help them find the root causes of their pain and show them how to use food as medicine, so they can go back to living the abundant and healthy life they deserve.

What my clients say:

"After I started working with Monica I went through a total mind and body transformation. This invaluable process of nutritional counseling that Monica provided has forever changed and imprinted me a new way of living: my self-image, my physical/emotional/mental health and self-care. Over the period of two years, I had three sets of some health concerns and diagnoses, and I sought out a plan from Monica to identify and achieve some specific health goals. [...] I am now a completely different person who gets to enjoy so much of life without being consumed by my own symptoms and worries about my own health. During this time of transformation, I have also been given the opportunity to launch a new career direction that I have been dreaming of for the last decade. I cannot recommend Monica enough. If you have any similar symptoms that I have experienced, do not hesitate to seek help from Monica. She is so caring, resourceful and will deliver results for you, if you are determined to follow her guidance." - Diane

"Before the program I thought I was just getting old with joint pain, increased fatigue, and shortness of breath. Monica’s program is a no-gimmick individualized program that gets people craving naturally healthy foods to enrich their lives. Learning about the ups and downs of blood sugar levels and the importance of eating healthy fats to maintain a consistent blood sugar level has been life changing! [...]Really any recipe that is worth eating can be modified and can taste the same. I have also learned the benefits of eating a vegetable based smoothie, so I can get in all of those vegetables we’re all supposed to eat every day!" - Kimberly U.

"I started working with Monica several years ago. I had followed a low-fat diet my whole life. When I had some in depth blood work done, I found that my inflammation markers were up and needed work. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I was determined to do what I could to prevent it and inflammation is a big component. Monica taught me about the wonderful uses of healthy oils. She has coached me in getting a lot more vegetables in my diet. She teaches all about healthy options, but also not so healthy options and has given me information and websites to do my own checking. Monica cares so much about me and all of her patients. She is a huge cheerleader and will do whatever it takes to help her patients feel better. She also empowers me, and many others, to take responsibility for our own choices and health. The proof for me is all in the #’s. A year after making much better choices with my food, I redid my blood tests and my #’s had greatly improved and my inflammation markers were normal. I am a results-oriented girl so this was huge encouragement to keep up these great changes. I feel so blessed to work with Monica and take control of my future." - Tami Parker