Live life to the fullest

Increase energy
Eliminate pain
Lose weight


So many people live tired and in pain not knowing where to turn for answers.

I help people find the root cause of their PAIN AND OTHER HEALTH ISSUES and teach them how to use food as medicine

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1 Enjoy Life to the fullest and age well

2 Take control of your health

3 Learn to use food as medicine

At Nourished Functional Nutrition we know that you want to enjoy life to the fullest. To do that, you need to take control of your health. The problem is you're tired of struggling with weight gain, brain fog, digestive issues or chronic illness, and dealing with pain which leaves you feeling overwhelmed, limited and missing out on life. We believe everyone should be able to get to the root of their health issues. We understand how uncomfortable it is to be sick and in pain which is why we have extensive training in health and nutrition to help you regain your wellbeing and live an energetic and fulfilled life.

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Hi, I'm Monica...

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