Nourished Extended

The Extended Package is a monthly subscription package of 6 visits over a three month period. The Nourished Extended Package is my focused subscription plan consisting of a free discovery call and six visits lasting a total of 6.5 hours over a period of three months. These six sessions are designed to provide you with the extended nutrition counseling time you need in order to help you find relief and to assist you in learning nutrition and lifestyle practices so you can finally get to the root(s) of your health condition.


First Session: Intake and Case Review (90 minutes)

  • 90-Minute comprehensive initial visit involving chronological case review, either via phone or zoom.
  • Detailed health and diet history review involving all body systems and their relationship to each other.
  • Review of any recent lab work from a functional perspective.
  • Access to 20% OFF professional grade supplement dispensary for a year (visit Dispensary)

Subsequent Sessions: Follow-up Appointments (60 minutes each)

  • 1-Hour phone or zoom follow up appointments
  • Guide through diet assessment to clear food intolerances and set an individualized meal plan for you
  • Detailed food journal and other tracking of labs and blood sugar or other systems tracking, depending on need
  • A detailed action plan, agreed upon practitioner and client detailing steps to take, including meal plan and other pertinent goals
  • “Real Plans” meal planning and recipes free subscription for the length of the program
  • Individualized supplementation recommendations available in two dispensaries
  • Access to practitioner via Healthie app using chat or email

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