The Nourished Journey

This program is designed for the person who is on a healing journey and is ready to transform their life by following the principles of Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practices.

This is a comprehensive package that includes a functional approach, including a three-tiered system to uncover the root causes of dis-ease. This approach focuses on gut healing, reducing or eliminating inflammation and reducing the factors that affect negative gene expression in your body. 

Session 1: Intake session and case review (90 minutes)

  • 90- minute comprehensive initial visit involving chronological case review, either via phone or zoom
  • Detailed health and diet history review involving all body systems and their relationship to each other
  • Review of any recent lab work from a functional perspective
  • Enrollment and guidance through “Nourished 21-Day Cleanse Telecourse” when applicable
  • Extended work on functional nutrition and lifestyle practices involving sleep, relaxation techniques, stress management and social networks affecting quality of life
  • Individualized supplementation recommendations available in three dispensaries
  • Access to practitioner via Healthie app using chat or email

Sessions 2 through 11: Bi-monthly 60-minute sessions:

  • 11 60-minute phone or zoom follow up appointments
  • Continued guide through the “Nourished 21-Day Cleanse Telecourse”
  • Food journal and functional lab and blood sugar review or other systems tracking, depending on need.
  • A detailed action plan including gut healing, supplementation and lifestyle changes, based on findings from systems tracking
  • "Nourishing Meals" meal planning and recipes free subscription for the length of the program
  • Individualized supplementation recommendations and access to three online professional grade dispensaries where you will enjoy 20% discount for a year
  • Access to practitioner via Healthie app using chat or email

Your investment is $399 for first month and $355 per month for five months (2 visits per month)

To learn if this nutrition plan is right for your needs, you are invited to schedule a FREE 15-Minute Consultation