The Nourished Transformation

The Nourished Transformation Package is my premium plan consisting of three visits lasting a total of 3.5 hours over a period of 30 days. These three sessions are designed to provide you with the focused nutrition counseling time you need in order to help you find relief and to get to the root of your health condition.


The THREE sessions will be divided as follows:

  • Session 1: Intake session and case review (90 minutes)

We'll spend this first session addressing your vision and the scope of our work together. You'll leave this session with clear action steps for implementing supportive changes immediately and will also be sure to discuss how to best work together moving forward to meet your unique needs and move progressively toward your vision of optimal health.

Our goal with this and all sessions is to ensure that you receive full nutrition counseling with my hands-on knowledge and expertise. I will spend time thoroughly reviewing your case and researching best strategies to support your vision for your life.

At the end of the first session, you will receive a food tracker to record your food intake, symptoms and bowel movements until the next session. You will be asked to email this form ahead of your second session, so I can review it and give you feedback during your second session.


  • Session 2: Follow-up session (60 minutes)

During the second session we will review your “functional nutrition timeline” and “functional nutrition matrix;" which I will forward to you ahead of our time together. These reports are at the core of our work together. We will discuss your action steps, which will include a combination of nutrition, food plans, lifestyle self-care suggestions and supplements or herbals to try. Your action plan is a document we will discuss together and agree upon during your sessions. After session 2 you get to go home and get into action. This is an exciting time of change and exploration and a time when you will notice your body beginning to shift toward balance.

  • Session 3: Follow-up session (60 minutes)

During this session we continue to strategize and assess what has happened and how you can continue to support and better understand how your body is communicating with you through your symptoms. At this point the terrain begins to shift in a positive way that clears the way for transformation. We assess and recommend steps to take for the future.

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