Basic Stir-Fry or Skillet


A good breakfast that doesn’t include a ton of carbs is a veggie stir fry with chicken sausage or any other protein. I mix this with quinoa and it holds me up for hours. Some of my favorite veggies to use are: Onions, mushrooms, carrots, greens of any kind and sometimes I add sweet potatoes to make it more filling. Remember, having enough fat and protein in the meal will help delay the absorption of carbs, making it a sustainable form of energy that will help you have a steady blood sugar for a long time. 

Energy crashes in the middle of the morning are common but not normal. Traditional breakfast foods in the US include cold cereal with milk, toast with butter and jelly and coffee with sugar and cream. Pastries, donuts, bagels and other high carb foods like instant oatmeal are a recipe for crashing and craving more high carb foods. 

What is there to eat and how can we avoid these blood sugar crashes that leave us feeling depleted, irritable and with little to no energy. 

I’d like to show you how changing your breakfast can lead you to a different way to experience your morning: Full of energy that will last you longer than 4 hours and can carry you seamlessly until lunch.