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It’s important for you to know whether my services are right for you. When you sign up for a FREE 15-Minute Consultation, you have my undivided attention. I focus on you and your questions: I listen to you intently and you get to ask questions related to how my services may support your health condition. So, gather your questions and schedule your free consultation today! Here’s what you can expect...

You will get a confirmation of your appointment in your inbox today, a reminder of your appointment the day before and also one hour before our time together. I will call you on the phone number you provide.

Here’s a guide that should help keep our time together focused...

  • Greeting and Introductions (cont'd)
  • This is a great time for you to bring questions, concerns and a brief history
  • It's the time for you to state your expectations and hopes for a wellness program
  • I will answer your questions and give you information regarding my services and how they can fit with your expectations
  • Discuss whether the programs available are a good fit for you
  • If you are ready to schedule a time for your first visit you may do this here
  • You may ask for a referral to another health professional if our services do not fit your needs

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